Remove Kaal Sarp Dosh

Remove Kaal Sarp Dosh

Remove Kaal Sarp Dosh

Infinite clock proof

When the house is first in the horoscope, the seventh house Ketu and the rest of the seven houses are located between the Rahu and Ketu, then it is called an infinite number of kalasarup defects! Infinite Kellspepe blames a bad person on the married life of a jatak! With the passing time, tension between the Jatak and Jataka’s life partner increases. Jatak’s illegitimate relationship can be out! That is why the matter can reach the divorce! There is no sweetness in the relationship with the Jatak’s own life partner! Due to the Infinite Kellspear Drug, the Jatak struggles throughout life and does not get the full effect! Success is not found in the treaty business, and the partner goes blindly!

Kulic karsarpe defect

When Rahu in another house of the horoscope and Ketu in the eighth house and the rest of the rest of the house are located between Rahu and Ketu, it is called Kulika Karsarpa Dosh! The person who receives Kulik Karsarpe’s fault in Kudali, takes the wrong habits of eating and drinking alcohol. Tobacco, cigarette etc., the person gets this habit from his childhood, due to this, the person gets his attention from study and takes other wrong actions. Such people are more prone to throat and throat diseases, there is no control over the speech of these people, hence there is a slander in society too! People suffering from kulic karsarp can drink a heavy accident by drinking alcohol!

Vasuki Karsarpe defect

When living in the horoscope, in the third house, Ketu is in the ninth house and all the rest of the house is in the middle of both of these, then Vasuki Kalerspe blame is created! In the horoscope of the people, Vasuki Kalsarpa is in the blame, they have to suffer bad luck in all spheres of life, despite hard work and honesty, failure comes. The little brother and the sister have a bad effect on the person! Jatak has to suffer from long journeys and there is no faith in the deeds of religion! Vasuki Kalsarp can also reduce the income of the person due to the blame, for this reason the person lives the life of poverty and helplessness!

Conch shell

In the fourth house of Rahu in the horoscope, Ketu is in the tenth house and the rest of the house is situated between Rahu and Ketu, then the Shankhal Kalsarp blame is created! In the horoscope of the people, there is a conch fruit Kalsarpa defect that, from childhood, they get spoiled due to wrong actions, such as stealing money from father’s pocket, fleeing from school, staying in wrong company and playing steals and gambling etc. If parents take time-based measures, children can be saved from deteriorating! The life of a person living with a conch fruit Kalsarp has to face life very difficult, this problem can be both mental and physical. Jatak does not get much pleasure in marriage, husband and wife are always distant and unstable!

Padam Kalasarpa defect

In the horoscope of the horoscope, in the fifth house, Ketu is located in the eleventh house and all the other houses are situated between these two, then Padam Kalasarpa defect is constructed! Being in Padmal Kalasar in the horoscope, the person has to face many difficulties in life! In Shurawati life, obstacle arises for any reason in the study of the person, if education is not complete, then Parasia is generated in the job! After the marriage, children have to face difficulties in the birth of childhood and the sickness of children! The bad influence of Padam Kalsarpa can be deceived in love, this defect has a very bad effect on the lives of the students, they should definitely take the time of this serpent as our whole life is based on good education!

Maha Padam Kalsarpa defect

Mahadadam Kalasarp is constructed in the Kundali when the house is in the sixth house, Ketu is in the twelfth house and all the other houses are located between these two! Mahapadam Kalsarp brings birth to serious problems like employment, profession, sickness, expenditure, jail travel in the life of a Jasak! Jatak keeps changing the career of a career throughout his life because his relationship always keeps his colleagues poor! Always be caught in some government and judicial proceedings and can read to jail! Due to various types of diseases, the person has to make rounds of the hospital in the coming days! Thus, the Mahapadam period snakes the life of the snake defector!

Tachycardia defect

Staying in the seventh house of the horoscope, first, Ketu in the house and the rest of the house come into the middle of the construction of the constellation Kalsarpa defect! First of all, the evil effect of the Takak Kaal snake falls on his health! There is very little power to fight diseases in the person’s body, and therefore he gets sick again and again! The second bad effect falls on the married life of the native, either the marriage of the person is delayed and if it is done then after a few years of marriage, there is so much distances in husband’s wife that after living in a house, both of the strangers Like we live! The Jatak gets cheated by coworkers in his business and has to bear the economic losses.

Karkotta Karsarpe defect

In the horoscope, when Rahu is in the eighth house, Ketu is in the other house and the rest of the house is trapped between these two, then Karakot Kalsarp blame is created! The effect of the Karkotta Karsarpe Dosh has a very bad effect on the life of a person, the person always uses the vocal with everyone, because of which his relationship gets worse from his family and he gets away from them! In many cases, it is necessary to wash hands with prostitutes! Jatak spoils his health due to the bad habits of eating, sometimes death may be due to poisoning! Not family happiness